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shiellld screen guard


Our little company was born from a problem we desperately wanted solved. We love our Apple, Samsung, and Google phones; but hated the idea of ruining their good looks by slapping a cheap tempered glass screen protector. We were also sick of screen protectors not doing what they're meant to do -- protect our screens.

We wanted to protect our expensive devices and never worry about our screens shattering again.

We set out to find the best solution to protect our devices. shiellld Screen Safeguard began to develop and it's main purpose is to protect your device's screen from bumps, scratches, and drops, while never shattering or compromising the phone's esthetics. That was the basis for starting shiellld.

After two long years of research, developing, and testing we are proud to provide the world with a solution to finally protecting your devises' screen without the worry of the screen getting shattered. Over the years we aimed to always stay ahead and provide the world with leading screen protection.

If you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re happy to help. Thank you for shopping with us and being a part of the shiellld story. Enjoy!