Is A Screen Protector Really Necessary?

In purchasing a phone and accessories, one area people seem to neglect is investing in a quality screen protector. The question – is a screen protector really necessary – their reason for choosing not to do so.

There are innumerable advances in smartphone technology and each iteration of a new phone reveals more advanced features and benefits. We invest in each upgrade because we love the benefits and some of us are diehard fans of our preferred brands. But, we must also protect our investments be it through cases or screen protectors. Here are just a few reasons why it is necessary to have a screen protector for your smartphone.

Smart Phones Aren’t Cheap

The price of a phone itself can be quite expensive with a new iPhone 7 starting at $749 and the Samsung S8 priced between $720 and $850. And replacing a screen is often as costly as a phone. Compare that to the inexpensive investment in a screen protector designed to prevent your phone's screen from cracking and scratching.


Lack of Warranty Coverage

Warranty only covers damages due to manufacturer defects. Therefore, if the phone screen is cracked under any other circumstances, the manufacturers/dealers are not liable. You may choose to pay for additional accidental damage coverage but this also racks up a service fee for any screen repairs. The best option, in this case, is to provide your phone screen with additional protection through a strong and durable screen protector that does not affect the quality of your screen or of your user experience.


Advances in Glass Technology

Advances in glass and coatings are believed to render screen protectors unnecessary. This is especially the case if your smartphone carries the Corning Gorilla Glass, one of the strongest screens around. But it is not impregnable. If your phone falls and makes contact with concrete or rocks it is highly likely that the screen will be damaged. Also, sand, if rubbed up against your screen, will scratch a gorilla screen. So be careful at the beach.


Is a Screen Protector Necessary?

Some may still say that despite all this a screen protector is not necessary. But, are you willing to take that chance?

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