Introducing shiellld Screen Safeguard – Your Superior Smartphone Screen Protector

As a smartphone owner, one of our most important issue is making sure that our screens do not crack. We know that replacing a cracked screen is almost the cost of a phone, especially for the newer models on the market. So, we try our best to prevent our phones from falling. Sadly, we are not always successful, and that’s where a screen protector comes in.

Not All Screen Protectors Are Made Equal

I’m sure you’ve heard the horror stories. People buy phone screen protectors but their phone screen also got cracked along with the protector. And that is because not all screen protectors are actually providing protection for your screen. With the numerous options on the market for screen protectors all at varying price points, you have to search to find a gem that is not just a plastic or tempered glass screen that will either easily scratch or shatter easily.

Shiellld Screen Safeguard 

This is where Shiellld comes in. Shiellld was developed after extensive research and testing to offer customers a quality phone screen protector that actually works to protect their phone screens and is durable. Shiellld Screen Safeguard carries superior drop protection to keep your screen protected and maintain the user experience of your mobile device. Below are some of the qualities we worked hard at delivering in our addition to the market.


• Impact Resistance

It’s not about the height of the fall but the power of the impact. Stories about cell phones falling from over 2 meters and the screen remains intact. Yet, a few inches from the ground and the screen shatters. With this disparity, the main feature of a great screen protector is the impact protection. And this is one of the areas that the Shiellld Screen Safeguard excels.

The Shiellld Screen Safeguard is shatterproof, disperses impact across the screen protector, and has 5-times more durability than tempered glass, it is ideal for better impact resistance.


• Performance

Shiellld does not impact the optical clarity of your smartphone nor does it affect the touch sensitivity of your screen. It adheres seamlessly to your phone screen and continues to deliver the quality screen engagement that you have come to expect from your preferred mobile brand. At 0.24mm thin, it is more than tough enough to handle pressure and impact but thin enough for a more sensitive and accurate user experience. It also carries antiglare properties to keep pressure off your eyes.


• Exact Fit

Each Shiellld protector is made to be an exact fit for your Samsung, iPhone or Google smartphone. There is no point in having a screen protector that impacts the usability of your screen or does not fit well for maximum coverage and protection. Most importantly, having shiellld screen protector feels like your natural phone screen because it is extremely thin.


• The ArxTM Difference

The technology behind Shiellld was one that took years of development before being brought to market. It has been tried, tested and proven to meet the standards of mobile screen protection. The screen protector has multiple layers strengthened for performance and durability. The layers deliver impact dispersion, damping, and our trademarked proprietary technology in the form of our ArxTM film. Together these layers produce a remarkably thin shield at 0.24mm with a uniquely superior protector that dampens and disperses impact to protect your phone’s screen.


Choose the Best Screen Protector

Shiellld Screen Safeguard hold a distinct advantage over other screen protector material on the market. It was built for performance and protection. Protect your Samsung, iPhone and Google smartphones without impacting performance and usability. Enjoy your treasured phone and safeguard it with the protection it deserves.

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